Anne McCormick
7 Sep 2016 - 25 Sep 2016 Pleinly Friends, To Each Their Own A Journey From Within Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery, Dow Centennial Center, 8700-84 St., Fort Saskatchewan
“The pathway, or journey in paint from within, is a long and winding road with many twists and turns, and yes, the occasional roadblock and/or happy accidents forcing detours and other alternate routes to a given destination.”
The five members of our group ‘Pleinly Friends’ include Anne McCormick, Lynn Sinfield, Margaret Klappstein, Lynda McAmmond and Nancy Christensen who have painted together since 2009 and have shown at the Alberta Lottery Fund Gallery since 2010. Anne, Lynn and Lynda grew up in Ontario, Margaret in Fairview, Alberta and Nancy in Aldersyde, Alberta. We have all been members of various art societies and have shown in many venues. All are members of the Plein Air Painters Alberta
Our paintings are all originals, many that have started as a study ‘en plein aire’. The opportunity to paint outdoors provides camaraderie with a common goal: to paint landscape firsthand and to grow in our skills as artists. It is the sharing of ideas and critiques in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
The knowledge gained painting plein air works transforms our studio work in giving us true color inspiration...truthfully from life! Not all the work in this show starts as plein air or landscape. For example, paintings of life experiences and memories, still life, portraits and paintings of animals all benefit from the exposure to the experiences and knowledge learned while plein air painting.
Each of our group has a unique interpretation of what she sees, and an equally unique technique in application. As in previous shows, we can all paint the same scene but each will appear completely different; each an expression of different thoughts and ways of seeing. Experimenting with color, design and technique is a journey in itself: some paintings work, some don’t. “Happy accidents” can often add excitement to a painting. Learning to work outside ones comfort zone is a challenge and a good thing. One can get too comfortable and perhaps become stagnant in a given zone thus, the need for constant learning. We all strive to keep our skills honed through the experiences of workshops.